Kelsey Hahn, MSc

Managing Director

"By popular belief, work provides a way to make a living, contribute to society, and a way to occupy one’s time, however I believe the question about why ‘work’ is worthwhile goes far beyond traditional views. We should anticipate that the best work experiences can add value to people’s lives and are an important part of personal flourishment. Organizations owe it to employees to connect their work to a job-related purpose, and through our research, we know this supports organizational longevity and performance."

Starting with Viewpoint in 2013, Kelsey is the Managing Director at Viewpoint Research. She oversees all activities and engagements, including research projects, strategic client work, speaking engagements, and educational roundtables, and acts as the liaison between Viewpoint Foundation and its single largest endowment to date – the Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in Business at the Haskayne School of Business. Kelsey specializes in building and delivering assessments, facilitation, relationship engagement, public speaking, with expertise in high-performance leadership, strategy, governance, and organizational development. Kelsey has also supported ARC Financial in organizational strategy and leadership since 2014.

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Amanda Julian, 

PhD Candidate

Senior Researcher

"Research tells us that employees and consumers are now expecting more from the organizations they engage with, than ever before. To achieve a competitive edge coupled with long-term sustainability, companies must rise to the occasion through advanced business practices grounded in the best available empirical evidence. We aim to bridge the gap between management science and practice by combining rigorous methods and industry experience."

Amanda joined Viewpoint in 2014. She now works as a Senior Researcher for Viewpoint Research while concurrently completing her Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational Psychology at the University of Calgary. In her current role, Amanda oversees our efforts to advance leadership practices through our client work. Amanda is also responsible for addressing general research requests and producing summaries synthesizing organizational behaviour research. Amanda also assists in developing empirically-based timelines, highlighting the development of various constructs over time.

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Stephanie Law, 

PhD Candidate

Senior Researcher

"The average person spends more than half their waking hours at work. This is why creating a positive working environment not only impacts an organization's bottom line, but also employees' productivity, well-being, and sense of fulfillment. I feel a responsibility to make evidence-based knowledge more accessible to every day champions of change, to guide them in their decision making to help create lasting impact."

Stephanie joined Viewpoint in 2015, and now works as Senior Researcher for Viewpoint Research. She oversees the centre's thought leadership and community engagement endeavours to democratize knowledge, including leading the weekly research and business newsletter, Sagacious. She also contributes to a variety of ongoing research projects, including examining the role of board diversity in firm performance, corporate governance, and the role of purpose in organizations.

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Lisa Oldridge, CFA, ICD.D, DBA Candidate

Senior Researcher & Strategic Advisor

"Due to the increased scope and depth of non-financial market data and analytics, the growing recognition that sustainability performance enhances business performance and investment returns, and the impetus from increasingly vocal responsible investment and long-term shareholder movements, I strongly believe that, as fiduciaries of the corporation and elected by shareholders, directors must take a leadership role in overseeing, engaging on and supporting long-term value creation."

Lisa has supported Viewpoint’s research efforts since the summer of 2017 and formally joined the team in 2018. Whether advising boards, assessing senior executive and company performance, managing portfolios or serving as a director, Lisa has observed how leadership, governance and strategic excellence contributes to an organization’s success. Lisa specializes in advanced board governance practice and is particularly interested in the integration of financial and non-financial measures into the board’s assessment of corporate performance and its oversight of long-term strategy. 

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Talia Gukert

    Research Associate       

Christine Novitsky