Bringing data to management.

Organizational psychology and management fields are littered with bad science (outdated or disproven work, failures to replicate, and retractions galore), leading to vast misunderstanding and ineffective solutions. Unlike the the field of medicine, academic and practitioner practices generally don't influence one another; academics tell managers what they should do, without getting feedback on what is practical or relevant. The challenges are steep, and one that academics and management alike are not unaware of.

With a team trained in academia, we are well-versed on the challenges scientific knowledge has in its ability to influence modern-day management. We believe in elevating stale management practices, moving away from intuition, fads, and subjective experience, to bridge the gap between science and business. We are committed to advancing society's knowledge of business research, and promoting evidence-based organizational practices by curating and conducting applied research, encouraging informed conversations, and providing strategic assistance to businesses of all kinds and sizes. We are motivated by rationality and the belief that businesses need to operate bias-free in order to substantially improve team and organizational performance.


Viewpoint Research was founded in 2010 to address the declining levels of trust and corporate failings arising from the 2008-09 financial crises. We explore key challenges and misconceptions in the business sector to re-conceptualize the role of corporate leadership, and more generally, businesses' important role in society. Our work is founded on the experience, expertise and thought leadership of veteran energy executive and private equity investor, Mac Van Wielingen.

Mac Van Wielingen
Founder & President

I have been a lifelong student of business leadership, with 35 years of entrepreneurship, private equity investing, and corporate director experience. Over the course of my career, I have found there is an understandable tendency to distill complexity into simplicity. The truth is that there is no short-cut to leadership excellence in the boardroom or to building a sustainable, long-term organization. There is no silver bullet or punchy one-line answer. The realities of business are complex, and advanced corporate governance involves a comprehensive and continuous search for understanding.

In 2010, we founded Viewpoint Research to explore these challenges, and more broadly to help reconceptualize the role of the board in business leadership. Our aim is to advance dialogue and spark progressive thought and change through education and engagement in the boardroom. I invite you to explore the work we are doing to help advance the conversation.