Why Meaningful Work Matters, Especially for Middle Management

3 minute readHow do we stay motivated to go to work every single day? Some may think that the answer is wage; however, while money might prevent dissatisfaction, it does not create satisfaction or engagement in work.Behavioral economist Dan Ariely explores the power of meaning by discussing two key experiments, and findings suggest that people thrive…

The Importance of Small Talk and Social Connection

Do you spend most of the day working at your desk and then head home without running into your colleagues? As it turns out, taking the time out of your day to say hello, or joining in for a brief coffee walk with others can have profound positive impacts.

The Employee Experience of Managers, And Why It Matters

For some managers, a day on the job can feel like a state of controlled chaos – constantly having to put out fires and dealing with unexpected developments. Yet, good managers are at the heart of any successful organization; their ability to communicate and collaborate greatly influences every employee’s experience at their company, which can improve engagement, productivity, and retention. We often emphasize the importance of employee experience and engagement, however, one thing that can be taken for granted is the employee experience of managers.

Harness The Power of Employee Surveys by Avoiding Common Pitfalls

3 minute readThis is part two in the two part series, following last week’s issue on employee engagement and the power of surveys.Employee surveys can be a powerful tool for organizations to identify areas of improvement in the workplace; they provide vital feedback by giving employees a platform to voice their thoughts and opinions. In…

Predict Who Will Leave in 9 Months: The Power of Engagement

2 minute readThis insight is Part 1 in a two-part series on employee engagement and the power of employee surveys.Sudden departures are disruptive. Being able to predict when an employee will leave can make the difference between a smooth transition or a sudden, potentially unsettling change of plans. What indicators do employees give us before…

Is Work-Life Balance Holding Us Back?

Work-life balance can be a make-or-break work perk when hiring new employees. The ability to spend time on yourself, rather than your employer, is almost a necessity when it comes to millennial hiring,

Busting Myths: Money and Motivation

Last week, we discussed the recent article that found it takes just days for a CEO to earn an average employee’s salary. With such a great disparity, some are asking the question of whether this large wage is justified.