The Pros And Cons of Self-Doubt

Do you ever feel like your successes have been largely due to luck or other factors? This social phenomenon is known as imposter syndrome, occurring when “high achieving individuals…feel like intellectual frauds”, believing that they do not deserve success or doubting their own abilities. As discussed in this previous issue of Sagacious, women are more likely than men to experience imposter syndrome in both professional and academic settings.

How Bianca Andreescu Won The Grand Slam With Mindfulness

Last Saturday, Bianca Andreescu made Canadian history, becoming the first ever Canadian tennis player to win the Grand Slam singles title. It has been an incredible year for Canada in terms of sports, with the Toronto Raptors’ winning their first Eastern Conference title, and later Canada’s first NBA championship. At 19 years-old, Andreescu is the first teenager since 2006 to win the Grand Slam title, utilizing her mental fortitude and powerful forehand return to defeat Serena Williams in her third tournament win of the season.

When Do Wellness Programs Backfire?

As work becomes increasingly complex in our 24/7 connected culture, chronic stress from work is on the rise. In fact, one in four Canadians quit their job due to stress. To combat this, there has been more focus on providing good employee wellness programs across organizations. From Google’s endless snacks, and Microsoft’s “know your numbers” health screening events, employee wellness programs can include a wide range of interventions and perks. However, research has consistently found that wellness programs don’t seem to be achieving their expected positive effects. Why is this?

Overcoming the Stigma of Mental Health in The Workplace

2 minute readIf you were asked to explain the difference between mental health and mental illness right now, could you? As defined by the World Health Organization, mental health is “a state of well-being in which every individual … [c]an cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make…

Is Work-Life Balance Holding Us Back?

Work-life balance can be a make-or-break work perk when hiring new employees. The ability to spend time on yourself, rather than your employer, is almost a necessity when it comes to millennial hiring,

Busting Myths: Money and Motivation

Last week, we discussed the recent article that found it takes just days for a CEO to earn an average employee’s salary. With such a great disparity, some are asking the question of whether this large wage is justified.