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Who We Are

Viewpoint Research is a boutique research centre founded on the experience, expertise, and thought leadership of energy executive and private equity investor, Mac Van Wielingen. We have evolved organically, operating on the principle that organizations need better information.

With a vast research database, senior leadership expertise, and an active research team, our focus includes providing thought leadership and research on various issues in the business sector, including Canada’s energy sector, and offering customized research solutions and assessments in the area of organizational behaviour and strategy.

We believe that by advancing understanding and knowledge, we can meaningfully improve human experience in the workplace, enhance business survivability, and transform the role of business in society.

What We Do



As industrial psychological researchers, we are scientists first. We don't do research for research’s sake. Our team distills scientific literature into simple, actionable insights, and specializes in developing organizational and leadership assessments. With a vast database and active research team, we engage in custom projects, administer assessments, and conduct industry and empirical research, all grounded in current literature and context.


We are passionate about helping high-performance organizations thrive (big and small). We aim to work with those leaders and organizations ready to deepen their learning, and accelerate performance. Our assessments provide detailed, evidence-based overviews of comprehensive organizational health and leadership competency, and are typically used in companies looking to benchmark results, grow, and evolve understandings around performance.


Grounded in our Founder, Mac Van Wielingen's, passions and beliefs, we are dedicated to advancing society's knowledge about strategy, leadership, and advanced organizational insights. If you know Mac, you know why. We educate business leaders on everything from corporate governance to energy leadership.

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Canada has an opportunity to be a global leader in energy and environmental stewardship. We are interested in educating and advocating for Canadian energy.

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From organizational health and effectiveness, to leadership performance, our assessments are grounded in science and practice. And if you can't find what you're looking for, we can design it. 


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Want to learn more about how Viewpoint Research can help you and your organization? Send us an email and get the conversation started.

Get In Touch

Want to learn more about how Viewpoint Research can help you and your organization? Send us an email and get the conversation started.