Reduce stress with the art of acceptance

2 minute readHolidays are a time to recharge and refocus, but have you found yourself having a hard time getting back to “business as usual”? In fact, sometimes the workload coming back from a break can be even more overwhelming and stressful than before you leave. If this sounds like a familiar experience, then you…

When Do Wellness Programs Backfire?

As work becomes increasingly complex in our 24/7 connected culture, chronic stress from work is on the rise. In fact, one in four Canadians quit their job due to stress. To combat this, there has been more focus on providing good employee wellness programs across organizations. From Google’s endless snacks, and Microsoft’s “know your numbers” health screening events, employee wellness programs can include a wide range of interventions and perks. However, research has consistently found that wellness programs don’t seem to be achieving their expected positive effects. Why is this?

Challenges That Working Mothers Face

4 minute readImagine this. After working a full, 9 – 10 hour day, skipping your lunch break to catch up on personal emails and arranging an annual furnace inspection, you were going to have to rush to get immediately to your second job? In your hurry, you get a speeding ticket and realize your car…

Is Work-Life Balance Holding Us Back?

Work-life balance can be a make-or-break work perk when hiring new employees. The ability to spend time on yourself, rather than your employer, is almost a necessity when it comes to millennial hiring,